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We recently bought passport and driver license and wanted you to know that they are amazing, they are so fast and reliable .Thanks so much for rescuing these perfect pups! We are so thankful to have them.






I am so exited and just wish i could meet with one of you to show you how grateful i am with your service. I am single 36years and money is definitely not my problem. That is why i never bothered to pay install mentally. I decided to pay in full before you start with the production of my passport and driver license because the money is not my problem. I just wanted your service and i am so grateful to have my Passport. I will definitely travel to Portugal to at-least meet one of your team members to show my gratitude. Thanks guys..





I got my Uk Passport and i am now traveling within United Kingdom like i own it. Thanks alot. I recommended your services to some 7 friends of mine and they called to inform me that they got their passports and everything is genuine. So they will also travel to meet me here in France. Be sure to receive more clients because i will personally recommend your service to all my friends.



Hi, i was surprised when you said you produce E-Visa. I placed my order and paid my money with skepticism but to my greatest surprises, everything went smooth and i am now in Luxemburg via my Electronic Visa. See, there are many people that i know are desperately looking for your services. I will inform them all and will recommend or even help you advertise your service. You guys are just so awesome.

Clinton A Jose



What a bless day for me, i am so happy getting my documents, i have use them and travel back to my country and i have travel with the document to Usa with no problems and am back. i promise to give you more and more customers monthly.

Thanks so much






Thanks so much Alite Documentation, i used the passports and visas, and travel safely with my kids, and now we are in the states from mexico. gracias




When i went to the embassy i was scare, i knew that today is the day am going to go to prison, i gave the passport i made from you to the,, the issued me a visa to Europe without no issues.that was a great job.

 Jeryl Bowen



I use the the ielts document and i have travelled from Pakistan to Uk, but there was a mistake with my names on the certificate . thanks once more.

Hassan Sawali


With countless years of expertise in travel,identification and citizenship services we aid people with difficulties in obtaining the above mentioned documents. Trusted by a whole lot people all over the globe, we produce all sort of documents, the world we create is without boundaries. Better quality, Better service, Better turnarounds… Just Better


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Acquiring a second passport can expand rights and freedom. For an American, the benefits include free world travel and fewer problems from officious border guards or nosey customs and immigration officials. A second passport opens doors offshore otherwise closed to Americans. Best of all, dual citizenship and a second passport can be your key to reduced taxes and increased asset protection and it could even protect your life.

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